Architect of One’s Life

Architect of One's LifeWe all agree that we would like to end suffering. Each person has weaknesses and faults unique to his/her own set of circumstances. However, there is something good inherent in all of us; we all possess the nature of Buddha mind. We need to...

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Working with karma

Working with karma   We begin every teaching with prayers to the Refuge, to the Bodhisattva commitment, and to the Guru-masters. Refuge in Tibetan means protection, in the Buddhist context, it means to be protected by all the completely enlightened beings who are the...

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The Two Faces of the Mind

The two faces of the mindTo develop love and compassion, we first need to understand our current situation. In order to develop authentic love and compassion, it is necessary to look at our emotional processes, and at the disturbances that arise in our mind. We should...

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